3 Great Reasons to Use Powdered Facial Products

3 Great Reasons to Use Powdered Facial Products

Using herbal powders for skincare, such as facial masks, has its roots in ancient times from all around the world, and has been used for bringing powerful healing and relaxation for at least 5,000 years. But when it comes to purchasing.


Here are 3 reasons why you should consider purchasing or making your own powdered facial products.


Three Great Reasons to Use Powdered Facial Products




Water is vital to sustaining life. Unfortunately, it's also essential for bacterial and fungal growth. And when you introduce any botanical material to water, it creates the perfect environment for molding and spoilage. Yuck! As much as homemade beauty bloggers want to stress how easy it is to create handmade products, this simple reality is so often overlooked. 


All water-based products need a proper preservative (and no, essential oils don't count). But even then, it will only last so long before succumbing to the inevitable vital life force that is water, creator of life.


This means that having a natural preservative added to a product you plan on keeping more than a day or two is essential. And while there is no shade on natural preservatives here, sometimes it's okay to want to use a facial product with only the simplest of ingredients. Fortunately, in these cases, the answer is simple - don't add water until you are ready to use it! 


Plus, various components in the botanicals are activated by water, so waiting to add it until you are ready to use it means that they will be as fresh as possible, and have a more potent effect!






Water is the #1 ingredient in most commercialized products, meaning that it takes up a lot of a product's bottle space. This means when you purchase a facial product in powder form without all that water taking up space, you are getting twice the value.


To put it in another way, you are actually getting double the applications in the same amount of space when you purchase or use powdered masks. So why pay for water when you can add it yourself? Not only is using facial products in a powdered form better for your wallet, using less packaging is better for the Earth too!





Our skin's condition can change on any given day or for a large variety of circumstances, and should be treated for how it's fairing at that moment. Having a bit of a dry day? Honey is a wonderfully hydrating addition. How about dull skin in need of a bost? Mix in some yogurt. By having our facial care products be in powder form, we are in total control of how we mix them, and what we mix them with. Now that is truly bespoke skincare!


Plus, when you mix your own mask, you are activating the ingredients at that moment, meaning that it's fresh af and not degrading over time. So while it may seem like I bit more effort to have to mix your mask at the moment, the benefits clearly outweigh this minor inconvenience. 




The Bottom Line


Powdered masks keep as long as they stay dry, giving them away longer shelf life than wet masks! Plus, you get to mix the consistency you like, giving you better control over your skincare regime.


So, have you ever used or made your own powdered facial products? What did you think? Let me know below!


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Author Bio: My name is Katya Herb, owner of Fecund Herbals. I am an herbalist from Chicago with a passion for skincare, radical self-care, and all things plant related. I first came to herbalism to address some unresolved pelvic issues but grew to love the vast healing, and nourishing potential plants have on our bodies and minds.

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3 Great Reasons to Use Powdered Masks

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