5 Reasons to DIY a Facial

5 Reasons to DIY a Facial

A facial is a multi-step skin treatment in which your face is cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized. Not only is it an excellent way to nourish and take care of your skin, but it is also a terrific way for you to pamper yourself. While going to a professional is often recommended, regular sessions can be costly and add up quickly. Continue below to see our top 5 favorite reasons to give yourself a facial, right in the comfort of your own home!


5 Reasons to DIY a Facial - Fecund Herbals



It elevates your self-care


Our skin is our largest organ, and just like the rest of our bodies, it needs to be cared regularly for and nourished optimally. Facials help to open our pores, scrub away dead skin cells and dirt, as well as wash away acne-causing bacteria. Performing regular facials at home is a great way to cleanse and maintain our skin's health that's directly linked to our personal care routines. 



It promotes circulation and healing


The warmth and physical stimulation generated from steaming, scrubbing and rinsing our skin during a facial help to dilate our blood vessels, increase blood flow, and bring more oxygen and regenerative properties to our skin. Not only does this contribute to that after facial glow, but it also impacts our overall health. And if you're looking for a surefire way to help increase these benefits to all your organs, try exercising!



It's soothing


Not only can botanical skincare soothe irritated or inflamed skin, but the process and ritual of giving yourself a facial can also be extremely relaxing too! It's becoming more apparent how much stress affects our overall health, and doing anything to help nourish, support, and restore our nervous systems can have a tremendous impact on how our bodies cope with stressors that are far beyond skin deep.


I'm not just making this stuff up either! Take a look at this study, published in the journal Biomedical Research, that outlines how facial massage activates your sympathetic nervous system, which in turn can help to reduce anxiety and uplift mood.


And while giving yourself a facial isn't the same as getting a full facial massage; it still has elements of touch and pressure that activates pressure points in the face that contribute to relaxation. You can also use this time as a great way to incorporate a facial massage! There are lots of tutorial videos available on the web, so check some out and see if one works for you.



It's accessible and affordable


My favorite part about giving yourself an at-home facial is that it was be done using items you already have, at no extra cost to you. You do not need to buy these products from me, or anyone else, to get these benefits! You can use simple kitchen ingredients you already have on hand to make simple concoctions, or use the vast database that is the internet to get you started on your own, more advanced skincare potions -That's how I got started in my herbalism journey too!  



It's anti-capitalist AF


One of the things capitalism teaches us is that everything must have a purpose or a profitable outcome to be valuable. So why not make a habit of doing more things you enjoy, just because it feels good, regardless of the actual or perceived outcome? 


You don't have to focus on facials for self-care and try to justify it as a way to solve any problem you have. You don't even need to do it for any reason other than because it makes you feel good. Now tell me, what is more anti-capitalist than pure pleasure for the sake of pleasure itself?


But it's important to understand that while the small acts of self-care can be gratifying and rewarding, and add up to deeper fulfillment, it's also remembering that the long term commitment to yourself and actions of betterment that don't come with a price tag is what better contribute to your sense of self and further repair from the deep-seeded harms that you are working against. And then ultimately it's starting to work towards the process of redefining what care is and actively working on redistributing who has access to it in the first place is a worthy venture for which to strive. 


These are huge and heavy topics to try to address all at once, and I look forward to engaging in more in-depth conversations and writing more on the subject in the future. But in the meantime, if facials (or bath bombs, or pizza, or massages, or whatever) are a way to explore better taking care of yourself so you can survive in this world, then allow yourself to access it in any way you able.


If you are interested in trying and developing an at-home facial care routine and are ready to start learning more about them, or simply want some extra tips for your existing regime, download my free Step by Step Natural Facial Guide! In this guide, you will learn each step and the full process of giving yourself an at-home facial, the Fecund Herbals way, with any natural facial products you may have on hand!


Fecund Herbals Step by Step Natural Facial Guide


Author Bio: My name is Katya Herb, owner of Fecund Herbals. I am an herbalist from Chicago with a passion for skincare, radical self-care, and all things plant-related. I first came to herbalism to address some unresolved pelvic issues but grew to love the vast healing, and nourishing potential plants have on our bodies and minds.

My goal with Fecund Herbals is to promote radical healing and self-care through my herbal product offerings, as well as through education. Sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know about new posts, promotions, and more!

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