How to Give Yourself A Facial Steam

How to Give Yourself A Facial Steam

Steaming your face with botanicals is a beautiful way to deliver moisture and the beneficial properties of each plant directly to your skin. Steaming before you cleanse or exfoliate helps open your pores, making it easier to get a deep clean. 






Beyond it's benefits to the skin, steams can also significantly reduce sinus congestion and dryness. Some botanicals even have a particular affinity for the lungs and can help support them when you are sick. 





Fill a small pot or tea kettle with 1 to 2 cups of water, place it over heat, and allow the water to come to a boil.



Pour the water into a heat-safe bowl or remove the pot from the heat and leave on the stove. Add an application of herbal face steam and allow it to steep covered for a few minutes. 



Carefully check the temperature with the inside of your wrist by placing it a few inches above the water for a moment to ensure that it isn't too hot. Once the temperature is cool enough, hold your face over the bowl, making sure to stay at least 6 inches away from the water and taking extreme care not to burn yourself. Drape a towel over your head and around the bowl to trap and focus the steam on your face. Steam your face for up to 10 minutes, taking a break whenever necessary by creating a vent in the towel and allowing some steam to escape. To finish, splash your face with water and pat dry with a clean cloth. 



Saturate a clean washcloth with the brewed steam water, and place over your face for a minute or two before refreshing. Make sure water is cool enough to handle before trying this method!


If you are interested in trying and developing an at-home facial care routine and are ready to start learning more about them, or simply want some extra tips for your existing regime, download my free Step by Step Natural Facial Guide! In this guide, you will learn each step and the full process of giving yourself an at-home facial, the Fecund Herbals way, with any natural facial products you may have on hand!


Fecund Herbals Step by Step Natural Facial Guide


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