Quality Skincare Ingredients are not Only Organic

Quality Skincare Ingredients are not Only Organic

While Fecund Herbals primarily uses organic ingredients, they are NOT organic products! But that doesn't mean that we don't use the best ingredients available.


What does organic mean?


When a product is 'certified organic,' it means that it holds a certificate that indicates that it has been manufactured, processed, or grown under strict guidelines. Indeed, organic ingredients are great, but just because an ingredient doesn't hold the certification doesn't mean that it isn't high quality, without pollutants, or ecologically and ethically sourced.


Some ingredients cannot or are very difficult to acquire an organic certification. For example, naturally occurring minerals that took decades to form (like clays and salts) cannot be certified organic. But that doesn't mean that they can't be gathered sustainably, ethically, or from sources that are free of impurities. Fecund Herbals sources all it's ingredients from companies that place a high value on sourcing their products from efficient and ethically responsible sources, whether they are organic or not.


Fecund Herbals also uses local, or wildcrafted ingredients when available, which lessens ecological strain from global industry practices, like shipping from far away places. This is another reason why Fecund Herbals chooses to ship to the US and Canada only. Local and wildcrafted ingredients will always be specified on product labels and descriptions.


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Author Bio: My name is Katya Herb, owner of Fecund Herbals. I am an herbalist from Chicago with a passion for skincare, radical self-care, and all things plant related. I first came to herbalism to address some unresolved pelvic issues but grew to love the vast healing, and nourishing potential plants have on our bodies and minds.

My goal with Fecund Herbals is to promote radical healing and self-care through my herbal product offerings, as well as through education. Sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know about new posts, promotions, and more!

While I am an herbalist, I am not your herbalist, and I am most certainly not a doctor! All information shared in this blog and through my website is for educational purposes only, and is certainly not medical advice. You can read the full blog disclaimer here, and our Terms of Use here.


Quality Skincare Ingredients are not Only Organic

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