Fecund (fe'cund): Adj. Capable of producing an abundance of new, fertile growth.

Fecund Herbals aims to harness the nourishing and restorative power of plants by incorporating them into everyday body care and ritual work. Guided by holistic principles and a bit of magic, all products are designed with healing botanicals as the foundation on which to build overall health and wellbeing. Taking knowledge passed down from various herbal traditions and combining with that which is personally intuitive,  Fecund Herbals products simply nourishes the body and the earth. 

Lovingly handmade in small batches to ensure freshness, with NO synthetic fillers, preservatives, or fragrances - EVER! 

High priority placed on sourcing the best materials; focusing on organic and sustainable ingredients.


More About Me:

My name is Katya Herb (she/her), owner of Fecund Herbals. I am a trained herbalist, maker, educator, and queer plant witch, with a special interest in holistic herbal skincare and inclusive pelvic care.

I believe that herbalism exists in the fantastical space between science, art, tradition, and magic and strive to make it fun and accessible to all.

I believe that working holistically extends beyond self-care and also includes community care. In order to be truly well ourselves, we must focus on addressing and actively working to undo the harm faced by marginalized folks.

Much of what I have learned about working with plants is deeply rooted in the indigenous practices of the people whose stolen land I occupy without acknowledgment. As I work towards undoing the harm I continually contribute to, I also aim to highlight the voice of my own ancestors in the process.

With respect, I continue to connect to the plants and share their wisdom with others, knowing full well that I still have a lot of work to do.

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Waste is a part of life. We even have several organs solely dedicated to removing waste from our bodies. Nature has a way to handle waste, deconstructing and reusing materials that are no longer needed. From waste comes new life, making it a vital part of the cycles of the Earth.

overloading the natural waste balance. Modern industry creates waste that is unsustainable. While it is certainly true that  When we place the focus on eliminating waste entirely, we set ourselves up for failure.

This statement is not shared to criticize the real work that has been done under the 'Zero Waste' movement, which encourages the redesign of business and personal practices to eliminate waste production. We give mad props to all the companies and individuals who have made tremendous changes to their waste production. But in light of how we feel about the very nature of waste, we do not feel that is it very useful to place emphasis on an unattainable goal. 'Zero Waste' often overlooks some very real waste that industry produces, and when we ignore something, we deny ourselves the opportunity to make it better. Plus, the use of the term 'Zero Waste' is totally unregulated and anyone can make the claim regardless of their waste practices, and in general places the burden on the consumer which is often unrealistic to achieve.

Here are some of the steps Fecund Herbals takes to reduce the amount of waste we produce:

  • Prioritizing biodegradable and non-packaging, and providing refill options whenever possible.
  • Sourcing our supplies and ingredients from other companies that value reducing production waste and other sustainable business practices.
  • Reusing, or purchasing recycled and post-consumed materials, such as paper and shipping supplies, as much as possible.

As Fecund Herbals grows, we will continue to reevaluate our waste practices, and are always open to new production partners and for suggestions on improvements. Reach out to contact@fecundherbals.com to join the conversation.


Similarly to being ‘Zero Waste’, there is no set standard for being able to claim that a business or product is cruelty-free, which has resulted in corruption and criticism in the cosmetic industry. Additionally, by choosing to focus solely on addressing the cruelty of animals solely, we disregard the very real harm that comes from other aspects of industry practices; like polluting to our water and airways with production byproducts and the displacement of people or animals from their natural habitats due to deforestation. There is a very telling level of hypocrisy that comes from a "cruelty-free" vegan product that is filled with chemicals that which indirectly harms animals in the process.

As a start, Fecund Herbals is dedicated to making sure all of our products are created with ingredients that are generally known to be safe that do not leave a lasting impact on our Eco-systems.

Fecund Herbals does not create products using the following ingredients:

  • Palm oil - which is a major driver of deforestation
  • Botanicals listed as "at risk" by the United Plant Savers, unless wildcrafted or sustainably harvested.

At the time of writing this, we are also working on eliminating castor oil from our face oils by 2021, due to the potential toxicity to the workers who produce it.

To be clear, Fecund Herbals only tests its products on willing human volunteers, and strives to be aware of and eliminate harm on multiple levels that extends beyond the focuses of the cruelty-free movement. If you have any questions on any of this information, or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to contact@fecundherbals.com