Last Update: Nov 1, 2020

Precautions: As COVID cases continue to rise I just wanted to assure you that beyond the standard regulatory manufacturing practices, I am taking extra precautions during this time - like wearing PPE while crafting and packaging your orders. Fortunately as far as current science shows, the risk of transfer from indirect sources like packages is extremely low. If, however, you are at all concerned, I suggest you let your package wait a day or two after arriving before opening it up.

Holiday Shipping: During this I will be shipping out orders much more frequently as we head into the holiday rush. That being said, I am unfortunately unable to guarantee deliver by a specific date. So while I cannot project how long your package will take to arrive once it has left my hands, I am making getting your orders out quickly a top priority during this time.

Suggested Christmas Cutoff: Dec. 15th.