'Uplifting' Herbal Face Scrub Powder

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Gently scuff off dead skin and dullness with this ‘Uplifting’ Herbal Face Scrub Powder. With botanicals, clay, coconut milk powder, and kelp, this provides powerful exfoliant action for delicate skin.

💚 Vegan
🚫 Essential oil free

☕️ Coffee contains natural caffeine, which helps to brighten and tighten the skin. It is also said to increase blood flow and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

🍊 Orange is packed with Vitamin C, giving your skin a healthy glow as it hydrates and tones. It is also said to help fight off acne causing bacteria and cut through oil, making it great for those who are blemish prone or have oily skin. Plus, the delicate and delicious scent of citrus helps to boost mental clarity in the morning!


Powdered masks keep as long as they stay dry, giving them a longer shelf life than wet masks! Plus you get to mix the consistency you like, giving you better control over you skin care regime.

*Oats, *Coffee, *Orange Peel, *Coconut Milk Powder, *Kelp, and White Clay. (*Denotes organic ingredients.)

✔️ All natural ingredients.
❌ No synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or additives.
✔️ Essential oil free.
❌ Never tested on animals.
✔️ Inspired by botanicals and their natural abilities.

❤️ Made in small batches with love ❤️

Place a small amount in hand and add enough water to form a paste, adding as needed. Massage over dampened face in circular motions, focusing on problem or dry areas. Rinse off, pat dry, and follow with a moisturizer.

⚠️ Please Note: This product will lose it's freshness and effectiveness if left in the refill bag only! It is recommended that you first purchase the product in the reusable jar, or use a similar item you already have, to store your product in long term. This information is for education purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Comes in 2 oz. (57g) refill bag or reusable shaker jar.

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